Interview : Valerie Watson pt. 1



Valerie Watson is an Urban Designer with Meléndrez, a Landscape Architecture, Planning, and Urban Design firm located in Los Angeles. Currently,  she serves as At-Large Director of the Parks, Recreation & Open Space Committee for the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council. Since 2007, she has helped coordinate Parking Day for Los Angeles and organized the 2011 theme for the Spring St. location to be about Parklets. We met at LA Cafe on Spring Street (back in October 2011)- one of the proposed site for the first parklets. Along discussing about Valarie’s recent work with getting the proposed parklet sites developed, topics of how sidewalks and streetscape evolved into public spaces for temporal events emerged from our conversation as well. 

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special thanks to Valerie for her time and wonderful insight!

and extra thanks to Brandon Shigeta for help with the filming!