Hinging & Rendering

From March 30, 2012

In search for that perfect hinge, we found two options, one is with piano hinges using 1/2″ sex bolts and small washers. The connections look great, however, the details require a lot of time and precision that will make it hard for presentation deadline. The reason we state this is because of the  need to make several of these for the Grad Media Thesis 2012 Exhibition/Presentation.


The final decision was using a high-grade adhesive tape that is used to repair sails. It has a white fabric finish and used with a 1/4″ dia. rod creates a hinge with the panels.


Since these modular panels need to be carried by hand, it was decided that middle panels in each set will also have a cut-out so that your hand can go through each panel.


The Right of Way: For the purposes of Soft Publics, we treat the right of way up as a space up for negotiation. By placing one of the modular tiles on the sidewalk surface, we create an entry point to these temporal structures. So the design question becomes how does the structure touch the 6″ curb? (special thanks to Teo Biocina)